Mennonite Heritage Week

Mennonites have been in British Columbia since 1911, they originally settled in Southern British Columbia along Arrow Lakes and have since branched into many areas of BC.

Mennonites reside in more than 100 congregations spreading all around our province. Mennonites have been very active around nature, engaging through






Contradictory to most beliefs many mennonites live a modern lifestyle; driving automobiles, using techology etc.

The month of September celebrates Mennonites and their traditions.

To learn more head to Klassen, Cornelius F., John M. Klassen and Richard D. Thiessen. (September 2010). British Columbia (Canada). Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. Retrieved 4 July 2023, from


  • Date : September 11, 2023 - September 15, 2023

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