Multicultural Heritage Society

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The Multicultural Heritage Society was formed in 1974 as an umbrella organization for various cultural groups in Prince George and surrounding areas.

Originally, the Society was intended as a platform for staging a new multicultural event on July 1 to celebrate Canada 's birthday. (See Canada Day page for information.)

Over the years, it has evolved to meet the needs and aspirations of the cultural communities it serves. The Society's mandate includes implementation of the federal and provincial policies of mulitculturalism and the promotion of cross-cultural relations.

We are particularly committed to furthering the relationship between culture, heritage and public education in order to ensure the full participation of all individuals in the community.

The Society also functions as a referral service for inquiries concerning community services, cultural groups, artistic events, community and academic research projects, translation services, anti-racism and human rights issues.

535 Dominion Street
Prince George , BC
V2L 1T7

Phone: (250) 563-8525
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